Characteristics of Programming

Extreme Programming or XP is not that easy to express in words. However, if we look into the characteristics of an Extreme Programming, we can understand a little bit of it. We, people try to find out how computer works to satisfy our learning. We are curious of how we can easily have access to what our learning require through computer programs. Computer software helps people a lot to work out things, which were impossible in the past. Thinking of the traditional practices of working, computer programming has been working for humanity disability.

  • Extreme Programming is a software development methodology that improves the agility of the software responsiveness. Here, there is presence of efficient and clear codes, which serves as the language of the computer, that are set up by the software programmers and developers working to address the needs of computer users. For example, when you use a search engine to search on something, there is a code for very input you make.
  • XP includes pair programming, where two programmers sit together, one does the typing and the other observes to check the correct input of the code.
  • Another that is needed is the Test- driven Design. The name shows the process. A test is made to determine whether the software would make it or not. The software must fail, otherwise, the codes have to be revised or changed until the software fails to do action.
  • Refactoring in XP is the revision of codes that are formerly made in order to produce a better and more brilliant code for software.
  • Time is important. Successful Programmers did not do their job in a minimal time. To create a successful software, programmers used their time efficiently and wisely thinking of the best quality.
  • Customer Cooperation is involved in the programming. Actually, the production of software does not only depend on the programmers. How would someone find an answer if he himself or others do not question about it?