Contribution of XP to Industrialization

What is Extreme Programming to us? Does it affect our life? The world has to compete with itself in order to sustain survival of human race. In fact, because of technology, our life has become more manageable. Stresses and overload work has been eradicated. Since the boost of computer industry, the world looks up to computer programmers who have been doing their best to improve the quality of life in this generation. How then does extreme programming affect our life?

Globalization- Who knew that someday, we would see the end of the earth without personally going to it. Did the past even imagine that they would know what is out there beyond the atmosphere? How did we come to know the story of something, someone, and somewhere else? Is it not because Of computer? All of these were possible because of programming software. Although we do not literally travel around the world, we become conscious and aware of what is happening in the world through media and other software programs. We have a lot to say more about this actually.

Educational Standards- Educational standards are also seen through the knowledge of computer programming that would benefit the economy of the society. Traditional Education is really lower in quality compared to that of today’s generation when computer programming reaching its peak.
Job Efficiency- It is true that for highly industrialized countries, Jobs have become more efficient to handle because of the use of software. Blue collar jobs are not an exception. The necessity of computer is an issue.
Time-Saving- You can save as much time as you can save in work, in school and everywhere. Time to spend for doing paper works are at once saved so you can do more other than it.
Cost-Saving- Save money by doing it all through a program. Buying a movie in a compact disc is a lot more expensive that downloading the file and watch it anytime you want.