Introducing Top Programmers from India

Programmers are needed in this advance technological time. All are always constant and everyone from businesses and individuals are requiring or need programmers to help them in their required needs. Many businesses hire their own programmers to manage their system and protect it from hackers, viruses and outside interference. Cyber protection is one important concern that must be addressed especially if it concerns clients or customers records.

Today let us see some programmers that are from india. In the list includes Aseem Mohanty who is from Odisha, India and main profession is programmer. Next is Nitesh Gautam from district of Hoshiarpur, india. Still on the list is Rahul Raj from Kochi, India. His profession is not just programming but also a record producer, musician and film score composer. He contributed in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The Salim and Sulaiman brothers who are known also as musicians from Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India but also do programming together.

Next is Salim Merchant that is a film composer, programmer and a music artist from Bhuj, India. Another programmer from Bareilly, India is Saurabh Saxena and from New Delhi, India; Shantanu Joshi. There are many more programmers in India but we just pick some to introduce to you. India has the skill and talent when it comes to technology. If you look at this now you will see that Indians are very good at being resourceful.