Taking a look at the evolution of the computer 

We are lucky to live in the time that computers are already developed. There are laptops and many gadgets that can function as computers having android applications and software. It can have games, messaging, internet and many more that are very useful in our day to day life. It is so advance that looking back at its origin and how it evolve makes us feel thankful. It started with a humble beginning so it is amazing how it transformed after many years of existence. It is because of research and development that they have come to evolve and be as it is now.

The first computer is said to have been invented four thousand years ago after abacus (the first tool used for counting) was invented. Then the   WITCH (Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing from Harwell) or the Harwell computer was made that can make calculation and store data.  When the home computer time came they produced cheap and do it yourself computers. The company apple have started to developed computers and produce them then developing it to be more attracting and useful.

IBM then also entered in to the market of computers developing their own version and own computer. It was then continually redesigned, redeveloped by different peoples then selling them. There are those cheap and some are expensive. There are many information in the internet that you can read more about this topic. Digital marketing makes everything possible. Many already prove the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, article here http://www.keywordseo.com.tw/. Learning this is he best tool for you to use in marketing your service.