Concept of Extreme Programming

What is Extreme Programming? Extreme Programming or XP that is invented by Kent Beck is a software development methodology that is designed to improve the quality of software to help programmers and users of software programs. It is a short development life cycle to improve the productivity for the costumers’ requirement. These are the components of Extreme Programming.

Pair programming- This is a method where two people are working together using one computer sitting side by side. Sitting together, there must be a navigator and an observer. If done well, this means less mistakes have made and costs a business plus. The two partners learn from each other by sharing ideas to produce better and efficient code.

Code review- This is a continuous process of improvement used in creating more efficient and brilliant code. The code is usually well-documented which makes it easier to carry out the works of others especially in businesses slowing down. This includes review team to analyse the program’s code.

Unit testing is a testing method for testing each unit as smallest testable part. It helps to identify failure in the logic of the code produced. The developer would be writing code that is easy to test making program have a higher number of focus function which is always a benefit.

Integration testing- This is the face in software testing where individuals modules are combined in tested as a group. It works as such one part of the software is complete and then tested, the second part is complete and both the first and the second are tested. This leaves no room for mistakes, it is the same as making a movie, you had seen as added, and you play the movie from the start to check what is expected.

Courage and respect- In this principle, important decisions have to be made by discarding incorrect decisions. The team usually have to take responsibility to discard some codes that are not useful.